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Some Tactics
Back Pin
The back-pin shot was very popular during the 70s & 80s on the Dynamo and Tournament Soccer Tables. It is not a very good shot to use on the Tornado Table due to the nature of the table design.
Updated: Feb 08, 2001   |   Comments: 1    |   Viewed: 60872

Front Pin
The front-pin shot like the back-pin was very popular during the 70s & 80s on the Dynamo and Tournament Soccer Tables, etc. It is gaining popularity again and it is all because of a Belgian player named Federico Collignon when he won the 1999 World Championship.

Updated: Nov 15, 2000    |   Viewed: 52710

Pull Kick
The Pull Kick has always been a shot that is easy to execute on any foosball table, but depending on whether you use wrist or palm technique, the accuracy and speed varies.
Updated: Nov 15, 2000   |   Comments: 1    |   Viewed: 44770

Push Kick
The push-kick is one of those most basic and straightforward shot. It is easy to­ learn but tough to master. Technically, there are many ways of scoring a goal with the push-kick and is hard to explain without watching how it is done. Suffice it to say that it should be executed in one single movement.

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Updated: Nov 15, 2000    |   Viewed: 41703

Push Shot
The Push Shot, alter ego of the Pull Shot, was also one the most scary shot used by experienced users. The fact that it is hard to "recoil" using this shot, prevents it from being chosen as a primary shot by player.
Updated: Nov 15, 2000    |   Viewed: 38607

Pull Shot
At one time the Pull Shot is THE shot to use! Deadly on any table. This popular shot is used by various world-ranked players such as Todd Loffredo, Tom Adkisson, Tony Bacon, Dave Gummeson, Cindy Head, etc.
Updated: Nov 15, 2000    |   Viewed: 44196

Snake Shot
This popular shot is used by various world-ranked players. Popularise by Terry Moore (King of Snake), in the World Championship.
Updated: Nov 15, 2000   |   Comments: 1    |   Viewed: 63227

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